I have had problems with ingrown toenail on one of my big toes for quite some time. It has been inflamed and very sore. At last I asked my wife to “operate” my toe. She is a chiropodist, though she hasn’t been practising it for many years. But she has all the tools needed.

toe-01-drill She used the drill as kind of a cutter

After she had tortured me using a fine drill as a “milling cutter” at the bad side of the toe for some time, I finally came up with the idea that it would be good to get to the doctor and get anesthetic in the left part of my right toe. So that she good cut the nail freely without me sensing anything.

toe-02-blood Ready with the drill

Ah, she said. I remember now I have an old tube with topical anesthetic. I can try that. The 20 year old ointment worked wonderfully. I suspected she had purposely waited to remember it.:)

toe-03-tamponad1 toe-04-honey Then she put a small piece of a thin gauze bandage under the left part of the nail.

After removing 2-3 mm of the whole left side of the nail down to the root, she put a small thin piece of gauze bandage under the edge of the left part of the nail. She then covered the area with honey and put a pice of adhesive plaster on top.


Wonderful! The toe is healed and I feel like a new man.

My wife says more than once that the feet is more important than the head.

Honey toe

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  • November 29, 2016 at 20:42

    Nice story Erik, thanks for sharing!
    I think your wife got much brain purposely waiting with anesthetics until you endured some pain 🙂 so you will go to her immediately next time!

    Are you still feeling good? Honey plaster is the best.

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