Beekeeping is a very important occupation – for commercials and hobbyists. When you’re a beekeeper you contribute to nature and society’s continued existence.

There is a difference of attitude in general to beekeeping on the different sides of the Atlantic. In northern Europe it’s a very serious matter – not only to take part in beekeeping, but also to do it right – and not wrong. Hot discussions are often taking place what are the right and wrong ways of working the bees. Mind you if you are doing it the wrong way! You have to move down a step at the dinner table of the fellowship of beekeepers! You may be blamed for problems in beekeeping.

Remember – you are brave if you dare to think and do things your own way!

In America you often find a more relaxed attitude. Yes – it’s important to do it the right way, but most important is to keep bees at all. Yes, make an effort to do it the right way. But if you do it wrong, you’re my friend anyway. Let’s discuss how to make it better the next time. You keep your place at the dinner table.

Be encouraged to find new and maybe better ways in beekeeping wherever you live!

Let’s a have meal together when we meet.

Beekeeping is a serious matter

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  • April 28, 2015 at 07:21

    Well said Erik , I also think that the right thing is always to collaborate and join their ideas to grow and improve in beekeeping !

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