Prep smal

It’s been a very busy time for some time now. From about August 5 to August 25 all supers above queen excluder are harvested and honey extracted, the third removal for the season.

Prep tymol

Those colonies showing wingless bees on the hardboard in front of the  entrance have got one piece (about 4 grams) with thymol. On the next round those colonies in need of reducing the space for winter have gotten rid of the lowest shallow box, or/and outer combs taken out and insulation dummy frames instead.

Prep reduce

The smaller cluster the more insulation. Normal strong colonies no insulation. During the same round the weights of the colonies are estimated, and then follows estimation of how much feeding with sucrose solution is needed to take the colonies to the first good flow next year (not just through winter).

Prep feeder1

Topfeeders are put on and feeding done through a couple of weeks. Feeders are opened to let the bees clean them for me.

Prep feeder2

Then they are taken home for storage. Another round to check the strenght and eventual more thymol and more reducing of the space. In both cases just a few colonies.

Yesterday I was done. Relaxing for a few days. Now is the time to go through the notes and summarize the season.

Prepared for winter
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2 thoughts on “Prepared for winter

  • September 24, 2014 at 22:09

    Hi Erik , could you confirm that the Thymol recipe is 250 grams Thymol crystals , mixed with 1/2 cup of White Spirit (Surgical Spirit in England) , will be enough for approximately 50 x 5 grams Wettex squares.

    • September 25, 2014 at 08:57

      Yes Dave, you warm it somewhat, nut much as it stinks enough anyway. Do it outside, use pliers and gloves. Let dry a little for a few minutes and put the pieces still somewhat wet in plastic bags. Three I recommend. And then in a plastic toolbox to bring with you.

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