Beware ye old men, the day have come when women run faster. Like in the old days of the survival of farmers, when the women were the beekeepers. Well, anyway my niece (I treat her mother as my sister though she is the daughter of my sister) Rebecka (29) has qualification to be as focused a bee-nerd as myself.

FirstQueen Graft

I showed her one larva how to graft and she is now doing all my queen rearing, managing the starter colony and finisher, preparing and filling mini nucs with food, bees and mature pupae.

FirstQueen Board Managing the queen breeding board.

Today she checked the first batch of 23 mini nucs. 22 laying. When she opened the first one and saw bees in harmony building comb, queen laying and some brood even capped she cried of joy.


First Queen
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