Yesterday I uploaded a major update of my website. Please enjoy!

To be sure you get the right pages you clean the web history in your browser, or refresh the page clicking on almost round arrow near the top of each page of the website. 2020 about 20% of the colonies. This spring the losses over winter is about 5%. The rest look very nice.

The importance of avoiding silent robbing and drifting go spread extra mites neighboring colonies, or to your own. It makes the developing of resistance in your bees more difficult.
The breeder 310 used 2020.
Breeder 104, used 2019. The photo was taken 2020. This colony was last treated for varroa in 2015. A daughter born 2019 will be used as a breeder in 2021. Almost all of the daughters of 104 gave a split in 2020. They were allowed to raise their own queen. These colonies will contribute with good drones.
Major update of my website
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