Autumn was warm, with bees flying in november. That’s rare. Winter was mild, only 2-3 weeks with steady freezing temperatures day and night in January. That’s rare too. Spring has come slow with temperatures just above freezing. Sun is rising more and more above horizon. Those days we’ve had sun, which havn’t been many. Now it’s warming in the middle of the day.

Sunday March 9 the great day came, when the bees flew out in their big bathroom after confined to their bedroom for many months. I wasn’t careful where I parked the car, in the open about 100 meters from the hives. The bees happily spotted the shining roof and shouted: Toilet! And dropped what they had had collected during winter.

Last year I used treatment against Varroa on much fewer part of my hives than previous years, 50%. That’s because no more had given me the sign for treatment, wingless bees.

And 36 colonies were potential breeders in autumn, the bees in those colonies hadn’t been treated last year or the year before. All of these have wintered very well so far. The year before (2102) I wintered 11 potential breeders. I used 5 of them for breeding last year (2013). 2011 I wintered 3 potential breeders. 2012 I used 1. Regardless of how many pass the test for breeding this year, I will probably not breed from more than about 5. The others I will at least take a walk away split from.

Two colonies have died so far, out of 170+. That’s 1%. I can’t remember when I had such a good overwintering before. But probably some more colonies will die.

Vårrensning9mars2 These two colonies are both afterswarms (with virgin queens)  in July last year, from the same colony. A colony that have never been treated against Varroa. It have VSH-index 40%, but somewhat grumpy in temper and gave a small crop. Both colonies were of course small going into winter, but have been sitting still with a tight cluster until March 9. They have eaten very little food until now.


First cleansing flight after winter
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3 thoughts on “First cleansing flight after winter

  • March 15, 2014 at 03:31

    all of my bees died from the severe winter

    • March 15, 2014 at 09:52

      Sad Karen! Any idea why? Where do you live, North America? Europe? Latitude?
      Hope you can get some bees from a source from about the same latitude, from a place with quite similar climate.
      Don’t give up! Your neighbors need you.

      • March 16, 2014 at 09:17

        I guess the weather was extremely two sided this year. That what was missing this year in terms of temperatures below zero in Europe was added in America….
        It seems that we going more and more into extremes….

        Anyway, all my 9 hives survived so far and they allready had substantial fresh nectar in beginning of March!!! The Kornel cherry (Cornus mas) start to bloom Mid of February! I guess thats where the fresh nectar is coming from. At the moment the willow (Salix) is blooming and we had excellent sunny weather the last 2 weeks.
        Hence, hives are heavily in brood as pollen is avaiable in excess.
        LEt’s see whether the winter comes back in April…

        Kind regards,


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