Our cat had a piece of the neighbour cat’s claw in the groin after a fight about territory dominion. He was young than. Later he had a clash also with the fox about hunting grounds for European watervoles (Arvicola amphibius).

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We understood something was wrong as the wound in the groin never really healed so finally we went to the veterinary. She opened him up, cut away the connective tissue that had formed around the piece of claw.

Instead on antibiotics she took a tube of honey, seemed 50 g to me, filled up the cut up wound with honey  and sewed it up. The next day the cat is back to normal almost. After two days you can’t see he’s doing anything else than what he always has. The cat is not licking any extra ordinary around the wound, just somewhat now and then. No swelling. It looks fine.

Interesting veterinary habit.

Foxfighter got honey instead of antibiotics
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