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Honeybees are engines of life.
Take care of them and help them to thrive.
Listen to them and share their blessings.
Engines of life
Plants are basic for life. They transform sun energy for use of every other living entity on earth.
80 % of all plants need pollination. There is a huge number of different pollinators. Most of them are called bees, small flying so called solitary insects.  The most efficient pollinator is the honeybee. It forms colonies with a developed social behaviour.

Man has learnt to take advantage of the honeybee for producing food in an efficient way. An example of this is in USA, where 1.5 million bee colonies are moved to different crops for polllination.

Most trees need polllination. Trees are very important for the climate, creating favorable conditions for life, also concerning the local climate.
Life wouldn't be as we know it if honeybees got extinct – if at all.
Elgon bees
There are many threats to honeybees. The philosophy of today sometimes forget to learn from nature. Many times we are too quick to use what we have invented and which seems beneficial – as plant protection chemicals and management methods for keeping bees.
Honeybees, like everything else, adapt to function well – to certain limits. And drawbacks may well show up – as higher susceptibility to diseases and less resistance to pests and parasites.

Elgon bees are bred for better resistance and managed aiming at cooperation with nature. The goal is to not use any treatment, but to help the bees develop and maintain highest possible life fitness.
They are easy to handle, make a good crop of honey and don't swarm easily if they get increased living space just before they need it during their expansion in the first part of the season. Elgons are a good combination of Buckfast bees, Monticola bees and with some influence of Sahariensis bees.
On these pages my aim is to share my efforts, which hopefully will inspire and help you to help our honey – the bees!
The beekeeper
I'm working with bees and media, love nature, family and people. But most of all The Creator who made it all possible. This site and the blogs are mostly about the fascinating world of honeybees. If they disappear  the world wouldn't be the same, if at all. Pictures may be used for personal use. For other purposes contact me (se below) – Enjoy!
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