Summer has been intensive

I have focused on the management of my bees and have left other activities aside, such as writing on the blog. We will see if there is any change to this now that the bedding down of bees for winter is finished soon.

Many experiences. A lott o think about and analyse.


Some of what has happened since the last post:

Brought home some dead outs to clean in February

Made wax foundation, fixed them in frames in February-March-April

Checked if the bees had food enough in March

Brout home some more dead outs in March

In early April I lectured in Austria:

Cleansing flight of the bees in April

Supering of the strongest hives at the end of April

More supering in beginning of May, and more, and more supering.

In the last part of May began the queen breeding

Then making splits of the best colonies, which splits raised their own queens

Last of May, the harvest began

June 1, the extracting began (one month earlier than normal due to the hot weather).

In June, extracted boxes were put back on the colonies.

More queen breeding and filling of bees in mini mating nucs, etc.

In late June the first laying new queens

In July, some harvest again

In August all honey boxes above the queenexcluder were harvested. Some apiaries gave at least another half a box of honey in early August. Many colonies had quite some honey in the coming winter room

In mid-August, the completion of winter feed began with some sugar solution.

The amount of remaining honey for winter varies in the colonies, 5 – 25 kg (10-55 lb). All colonies got at least a some sugar solution so they will end up with about 30 kg (65 lb) of food for winter and the brooding in early spring.

Very little of mites this year, will do varroa level tests eventually.

See you!