The bee colony that refused to die

In 2007 Karin worked on becoming a commercial beekeeper. She wintered 30 bee colonies. She invested in honey extracting facilities. In spring 2008 she had…

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Dare to challenge the authorities!

When I was young I read a lot. Sometimes Einstein. One of the few sentences of his I understood and made impact on me was:…

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Neonics and birds

Imidacloprid structure overlaying honeycomb of the Western honey bees (Credit: Williamseanohlinger/Wikimedia, and Waugsberg/Wikimedia) The effects of neonicotinoides on bees are wellknown today. Reports are emerging…

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Overwintering in Sweden

Summer of 2012 was not a good one, for bees or for people in Sweden. Long periods of chilly and rainy weather gave smaller clusters…

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Analysis of small cell test designs

Cellsize of the worker brood is a hot topic for many. Some don’t bother, others seem to be fighting downsizing of the bees to a…

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Die-offs in America 2013

Kim Flottum i s editor of BeeCulture in USA, one of the big bee magazines over there. In his April issue he had an editorial,…

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Hello world!

Honeybees are engines of life. Bee concerned.

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