Two weeks at the ELGON Center

Sibylle and Wolfgang Kempf, Germany: Erik Österlund made us welcome at his home and in his bee yards when we visited with him in July…

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Summer has been intensive

I have focused on the management of my bees and have left other activities aside, such as writing on the blog. We will see if…

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The robber screen prevents reinvasion of Varroa mites

Sibylle Kempf from Germany gives her thoughts about the use of robber screens when helping the bees to develop Varroa resistance. The apiary above where…

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Treatment free focus in Germany

 Besides detecting mites in brood and clean them from there, grooming mites from each other and bite them is also an important trait for bees…

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Which bees are the best?

Bees can develop rapidly in spring, or slowly, or in between. Carnica bees (Carniolans) are usually known to develop rapidly in spring, while black bees…

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Varroa project 2014 –>

Click on the pictures to get better quality and readability This test is accomplished and funded by LP:s biodling bee equipement supplier, Arne Andersson sideline…

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1500 Varroa Treatment Free

  South Dakota is Buffalo and Indian land in the northern part of the Midwest. I talked to Chris Baldwin some time ago. He is a…

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High class container colony

I had some free bees this summer. Especially one of the swarms is special, the container colony. and A couple of weeks ago…

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Listen to your bees

Brother Adam often said that you should listen to our bees to be able to understand them and learn better how to manage them. Peter…

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Changes again

I ended the last blog-post saying that the season wasn’t completely over yet. That was very true. August has been our summer here in Sweden….

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