Resistance traits – VSH, VSHD, Grooming and more

Sometimes, the term VSH is used as meaning the same thing as varroa resistance. I think it’s helpful to clarify what VSH is. It is…

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Wingless bees and varroa level

Before varroan came there could be seen occasional bees with undeveloped/deformed wings in spring. Maybe it was the influence of DWV, Deformed Wing Virus. But…

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The bee shaker and varroa resistance

 One mite from 300 bees. I understand that sometimes it’s a good idea to get an idea of the infestation level of varroa mites in…

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Changes again

I ended the last blog-post saying that the season wasn’t completely over yet. That was very true. August has been our summer here in Sweden….

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Changing plans

I make notes. I’m sure you do to. How much is a good question. I made more notes as a beginner and quite some years…

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More viruses due to cold weather

The weather has given the coldest May since 1962, 12 years before I started with bees. The bees have had a hard time getting enough…

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My selection parameters

I have prepared for and selected for varroaresistance for quite some years. Last year I learned how to test a colony for VSH, a simplified…

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Neonics and success

Bees visit corn for pollen, period. Bees visit canola for pollen. Bees visit potatoes for pollen (Danish tests). Bees visit a lot of flowers for…

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Reading the hardboard

One of the most important parts in my management system has become a simple thin hardboard in front of the entrance. The first thing I…

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MT-colony conclusion

I have shared the performance of this colony which had almost a box of plastic small cell frames and natural positioning of these frames (as…

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