1500 Varroa Treatment Free

  South Dakota is Buffalo and Indian land in the northern part of the Midwest. I talked to Chris Baldwin some time ago. He is a…

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Neonics and success

Bees visit corn for pollen, period. Bees visit canola for pollen. Bees visit potatoes for pollen (Danish tests). Bees visit a lot of flowers for…

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Early flowers are coming early

 Still wood anemones are beautiful and giving pollen, though bees are now more interested in other sources. This is an early season, really. And beautiful….

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Salix is valuable

  Salix has many species around the world that are important for our pollinators in spring. Rich in nectar and valuable pollen. Willow trees have…

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Clover, fertilizers and bees

In Wanganui Chronicles in New Zealand April 14 there’s an article by Rachel Rose titled Bees play vital role in food chain. In New Zealand…

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