Reworked website with new info

Hello dear beekeepers! I’ve been reworking my old website. not my blogs. The English part became ready enough to be published and I launched it on…

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Honey toe

I have had problems with ingrown toenail on one of my big toes for quite some time. It has been inflamed and very sore. At…

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Anecdotal science

The expression ”anecdotal science” may well be a contradiction, as an anecdote can be far from scientific. When we are discussing bees, varroa, varroa resistance,…

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A good pdf-editor I like; maybe you need one too

I’ve been working with computers, Mac and PC, for many years, using them for making journals among other things, using graphic, photo and layout applications…

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Pressure washing plastic combs

How do you clean plastic combs and reuse them? Wooden frames you melt the wax from and boil. Try to do that with plastic combs…

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Wax in the nest

Rüdiger Dietrich made this comment to my recycling post earlier: I have one question for the wax recycling, but didn’t found a way to post…

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The Fire Brigade saved my bees

Yesterday several agricultural buildings burned down on a farm. Close to one buidling I have some beehives. The closest maybe 6-7 m (20 feet) away….

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Feral swarm

Tonight at half past nine after a telephone call, I took a swarm in a raspberry bush which came from bee colony in a wall…

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Explaining the starter board

When the super is below the starter board, on the bottom board, with the field bees and with the grafted cells, the only connection with…

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Swarm trap in April of May

Weather has turned to April when May arrived. Freezing nights and barely flying weather in days. But solar wax melter works, in the middle of…

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